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CINEDECK LX | Plug & play NDI / SRT ingest solution that captures edit ready formats like ProRes, H.264 & DNxHR.

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Multicam Productions require a high degree of coordination and much of the work ends up being manual. At the end of typical multicam recording, media requires “massaging” for the next step of the production process.

  • Time consuming manual work
  • Requires transcode
  • Lacking metadata
  • Media copy / pasted to shared storage
  • Human Error


Cinedeck solves a lot of these challenges in SINGLE POINT System.

  • Media is encoded in the mezzanine format the user needs for editing or archive
  • Audio is aligned and in sync with video
  • Groups of channels have the correct timecode across multiple files
  • Multiple inputs can be grouped together for ganged record
  • Files are named so that they are easy to understand and organized
  • Metadata is attached to the file in XML or JSON formats.
  • Files can be segmented so that editing can begin while the production is still occurring
  • We also support Specific Edit-while-record formats required by NLEs
  • Can encoded multiple resolutions per channel.

TECHNOLOGIES INVOLVEDCinedeck LX ingest feature

  • NDI input: supports NDI signals
  • SRT input: supports SRT signals
  • Multiviewer: set up multiple instances of the client on PC or Mac and provide permissions for each instance’s access to the records.
  • Dante Audio: All Cinedecks now support Dante audio.


  • Plug and Play Design: Plug in your NDI Sources and mount your storage destination. NDI-MC is an all in one record and ingest system.
  • Set user permissions: Create, edit and assign user levels for setting up and creating record sessions.
  • Audio Sync & Routing: Cinedeck can delay audio so that you can sync it with your video feeds. No need to “fix it in post”.
  • Capture edit-ready formats: Capture edit-ready formats right off the bat, no transcoding or plugins required. (H.264, ProRes, etc.)
  • Control Anywhere: Control your record channels from anywhere as long as Cinedeck is on your network
  • Record to a Network Destination: Record directly to a network destination. This means you can mount your shared storage and have media available on your shared storage immediately.
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