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Samsung Hospitality Solutions

Samsung Hospitality Technology Showcase

Explore Samsung Hospitality TVs, providing hotels with scalable technology and integrated solutions delivering a personalized in-room experience.

Samsung Hospitality Featured Products

Introducing RU710 Series

Introducing RU710 Series | HG43RU710NFXZA / HG50RU710NFXZA / HG55RU710NFXZA / HG65RU710NFXZA

NJ690U Series Hospitality TVs

NJ690U Series Hospitality TVs | HG43NJ690UFXZA / HG50NJ690UFXZA / HG55NJ690UFXZA / HG65NJ690UFXZA / HG75NJ690UFXZA

NJ470 Series

NJ470 Series | Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV

NJ477 Series

NJ477 Series | Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV

NJ478 Series

NJ478 Series | Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV

NF690 Series

NF690 Series | Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV

NJ670U Series Hospitality TVs

NJ670U Series Hospitality TVs | HG43NJ670UFXZA / HG50NJ670UFXZA / HG55NJ670UFXZA / HG65NJ670UFXZA

NJ678U Series Hospitality TVs

NJ678U Series Hospitality TVs | HG43NJ678UFXZA / HG50NJ678UFXZA / HG55NJ678UFXZA / HG65NJ678UFXZA

Samsung Hospitality Solutions

Accelerate your business with Samsung Hospitality

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