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Health and Well Being Come First

As we meet the challenge of COVID-19, the last thing any of us needs to worry about is how to re-engage with the world safely and securely. The SafeXSound Care Package enables you to send your employees back to work with confidence. Whether you are an integrator that needs masks to resume field installations, a worker that needs to return to the office, or a family member that needs to make a grocery run, our care package contains what’s necessary to feel safe and sound.

Exertis SafeXSound Care PackageYou can restore the peace of mind lost during this pandemic. You can help your team, and their families, return to a new sense of normal at home, at work and at play by giving them a gift they cannot find anywhere else — a SafeXSound Care Package that contains all of the personal protection they need to start living again.

A gift like this can’t be matched by any other gesture. The SafeXSound Care Package says very loudly that you care. Giving a care package also enables you to enjoy the gratitude that comes from teammates that know you helped them and their families go outside, go to the store, talk to their neighbors, take a walk, ride a bike and live again. Gratitude may not be able to be measured, but it’s real and it always gives back in return.

Beyond what you do for your employees, your purchase will also help others on the front lines of this war against COVID-19. For every SafeXSound Care Package you purchase, one will be donated to a member of the healthcare community for their personal use or for sharing with their families.

SafeXSound. It’s what we all want to feel every day. Now more than ever. Together, we can make this feeling real. For ourselves, our families, our team, our healthcare professionals and our community.